Hussain Can Rise

This poem comes from an activity on blackout poetry. The idea is to take a piece of text and black out characters that you do not want. The remaining text makes for a poem.

India, in 2015, on February 25, opens in disharmony.
A priest argues that his path alone leads to salvation.

Shared humanity.

Hussain loves music; his drums ride qawalli melodies and choir music.
“Elements ignite complex melodies,” he suggests.

Hussain sings.

The priest, on February 25, in India, rears the same arguments.
The Urdu lines sung by Hussain elaborate unique inflections and ornaments.
The constraints imposed by various sections give way.

Hussain says, “The music, not the lyrics, will tell.
I did not want to keep beating people on the head with words.”


Hussain rises.

“A world grew under attack,” he says.
“That’s where I want to be.”

Author: Ayush

I love writing, and this blog serves as a slow growing collection of all my writing endeavours.

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