I Hear No Voice

– Lavanya Taneja

This stifled city reeks of silence today;
my own home, a barrage of coughs and sputters and cigarette butts,
smells of a dim family stowed away in photographs and letters.

The world is lonely at large.

I have learnt loneliness amid the arcane stench of bookkeeping
within libraries that whisper masterpieces
in rows of preserved childhood.
Through socially distant stories of curfewed nights,
I have lived a lonely fiction.

The title of my poem should be an empty pair of spectacles resting on a headstone.
I will spell out my epitaph in single, borrowed metaphors
From years of solitary reading.

I would like to die with a readership to some stories of life.
I would then ask those struggling in this swamp we call community existence
to write out aloud.

Author: Ayush

I love writing, and this blog serves as a slow growing collection of all my writing endeavours.

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