Summary: Campus for Differently Abled People | March 5, 2017

This is an incomplete archive of the discussions around how the campus pans out for differently-abled students. The outcome of this was supposed to be sent to the Cell for People with Disabilities on campus.

The current status of Institute level work planning as informed by DOIP:

  1. Our goal is to make the ground floor of all buildings freely accessible to all.

  2. Access to Lecture Hall and Tutorial block has been provided. Provision of Access to tutorial block upper floor will be executed in 2-3 months.

  3. Access to Library and Environmental Science Building has been provided.

  4. Provision of Access to Faculty Building second floor is under execution.

  5. Provision of Access to Drawing Hall using lift is under planning.

  6. Full width ramps form Faculty Building to drawing hall are under planning.

  7. One elevator in Visitor’s hostel is under planning. This will also help VH residents in carrying their luggage upstairs.

  8. Entry to Lecture Hall 7 will be made barrier free. The work will start in May 2017.

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