those artists

he plays his instrument uneyed, the stench
of pinot blubbering the notes on
the drunk piano like a
soft prayer exhaled in cold
winter, like bicycle spokes churning
in water, as if someone was learning
to drive a porsche down seventh avenue
blind and hold up two ivory keys worth
the meaning of life.

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Sliced Lives

The simplest stories can happen with just themes, characters and settings.

A slice-of-life fiction piece is a mundane, realistic, everyday story. It deliberately shies away from well-knit plots and character arcs. Rather than giving characters trajectories where they might evolve, it tells the reader who these characters are when they are not conquering obstacles. It gives characters depth and humanity, and explores themes that otherwise go unnoticed in heavier literature.

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Hussain Can Rise

This poem comes from an activity on blackout poetry. The idea is to take a piece of text and black out characters that you do not want. The remaining text makes for a poem.

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