Sliced Lives

The simplest stories can happen with just themes, characters and settings.

A slice-of-life fiction piece is a mundane, realistic, everyday story. It deliberately shies away from well-knit plots and character arcs. Rather than giving characters trajectories where they might evolve, it tells the reader who these characters are when they are not conquering obstacles. It gives characters depth and humanity, and explores themes that otherwise go unnoticed in heavier literature.

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Hussain Can Rise

This poem comes from an activity on blackout poetry. The idea is to take a piece of text and black out characters that you do not want. The remaining text makes for a poem.

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Review: The Romantic Mr. Remarkable

(This review is by Ritwik Chakraborty and appears as a comment on a Facebook share.)

The piece (The Romantic Mr. Remarkable) was a lovely read. Quite a few things came back several hours after I had read it. So, I decided to quickly write down a small review.

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The Romantic Mr. Remarkable

— Dedicated to a friend

(Inspired from the lives of a few real people)

An amorphous rain stifled the city, wetting us with pixie dust of an otherworldly romance. A few cars slid past in the wake of an earlier torrent. The streets were mottled with the vestiges of withdrawing umbrellas and blurred neon lights. The dying notes of Für Elise closed behind us. She smiled one last time, started to say again that it was nobody’s fault, but stopped when the departing bus caught up. Then a flash of light signaled another impending downpour and I was left alone on the kerb for a long time.

I remember sitting at Mr. Remarkable’s oblong dinner table as a child, my legs swinging like twin pendulums under the wooden tabletop. Not long after, Maa had whispered to me that I needed to stop that annoying habit, and everybody had whispered to one another that it was not okay for Mr. Remarkable to marry someone at his age.

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