Writing About Writing

– Dedicated to writers who have influenced me

Each story genre has a central concern. A love story, for instance, answers what love is while detective fiction answers what crime is. A bildungsroman talks about growth or maturity while superhero fiction talks about morality. Metafiction can be understood as a work that explores what fiction is.

We have probably heard that metafiction is a text aware of its fictional status. That is one way to write/conceive metafiction. Another way of thinking about metafiction is that it is a commentary on what fiction is, and what writing it must feel like. Such works explore the connection between art/fiction and reality, creations and creators explicitly.

We will write this second form of metafiction. We will write about the process of writing. And we will definitely write about writers, with them as protagonists.

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Translator’s Foreword

October 22, 2020

Bangalore does not change in autumn; seasons are mere calendar distinctions in this city. The Vidhana Soudha still overlooks Cubbon Park and a regular throng still scurries to and fro on MG Road. I sit miles above the city, up here in the pervasive Namma Metro, crisscrossing over the streets as if I had been raised on my heels and set to roll. The city, sometimes a blur, sometimes a rhythmic stutter of mask-peppered rooftops, is spread out below us. Ayush sits beside me unchanged; like always, his gestures narrate a grand story as we roar past open skies.

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